Saturday, September 15, 2012

Tie Bottom T-shirt redo

Here is a tutorial of how to make a tied bottom t-shirt. I got this idea from ( and I added my own flare to it.


  • T-shirt (can be bigger than you or fitted)
  • Scissors

Lay your t-shirt out nice and flat. Cut off the sleeves and the collar.


Find how long you want the shirt to be and cut a straight line in the back and two inches into the front then cut a huge triangle to the bottom and cut down the center of the triangle.

 Tie the bottom and you get this.

Now to add my own flare I decided to cut slits into the side to make it bigger and more flowy and just to make it look cool.


Lay the edge of the shirt nice and flat.

Cut slits about a finger wide. Then stretch them out nice and tight.

Then you end up with something like this.

Enjoy =D

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