Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The End of a Long Day

A little bit about me that some may find interesting.

I am a 19 year-old junior in college (at University of Central Oklahoma) studying Computer Science with a minor in Art. I would like to go into video game design and such but right now pretty much anything programming I will do.

This last summer I worked for my parents doing programming jobs for them and it went pretty well. And the art part right now is more of a hobby. I'll put some of my work up perhaps tomorrow if I have time for sure by this weekend.

I have an amazing wonderful boyfriend who will probably get mentioned at some point in time or another.

I love reading and right now I am re-reading through the Harry Potter series and I completely forgot how much I loved them and how much I forgot about them. My main reason for re-reading them is because during this fall break I am going to Universal Studios to the Harry Potter park. I am very excited and even knitting a Slytherin scarf that I may or may not use on the trip. I don't think it will be cold enough or I might not have time to finish as my school schedual is absolutely terrible.

In my spare time (weekends and Monday nights) I do this very dorky thing called Dagorhir ( http://www.dagorhir.com/ ) and it is medieval fighting with foam weapons. It is not LARPing I really just like hitting things. That may be weird but so be it. =D

As you keep reading (cause I so totally know you will ) you will learn more and more about me but for now that is some good basic stuff and I am dead tired so I am going to finish my Discrete Structures homework and get to bed at a decent time.

Good night all

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