Saturday, September 15, 2012

I love Fall

Fall is my favorite season for many reason. My birthday, cool weather, pumpkin carving and jumping in the leaves. I love being able to go outside and not sweat and then to be able to make art with pumpkins. This weekend I have so much homework but I really really want to draw. I love doing photography but I want to use my charcoals to make awesome art. I just felt like letting out emotions of how happy I am. =D

Things I've been doing recently.

I've been taking lots of photos with all my mode settings (As you all should be doing too if you are following my Camera Tutorial Homework), watching Season 3 of Avatar (I'm so hooked), knitting all kinds of fun things, and reading the Harry Potter series. Right now I'm on book 4. I've also been doing a whole lot of school work (I'm in college studying Computer Science with a minor in Art) but I was very happy when i did my second programming assignment really quick so now I have more free time than expected.

The state fair is here in Oklahoma this week and me and my boy are going to go and have some fun. I've never been so I'm pretty excited even though everyone I've talked to says it's boring. I have high hopes.

I've been trying to think of an easy way to make a book shelf cause I'm in desperate need of one. Any ideas?

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