Friday, September 7, 2012

My morning fiasco

So my man is now heading up to Missouri to a Dagorhir event that I decided not to go to because well I love you all so much. Plus I have a huge load of homework to do and spending a weekend beating people up just isn't worth getting bad grades. I'm being a good college student and everything.

Well the house is empty and what is the first thing I'm going to do... well clean cause  you see there was this mug of coffee that I left on my desk overnight and this morning I woke up and was going to take it to the kitchen and it was stuck to my desk!!! So I pushed some stuff out of the way and started to pull with all my might and finally it came off splattering old coffee on me and on my health book and all over my desk but since I had to go to class I just put baby powder all over the floor and desk so it didn't smell so gross!!!

Here is what my desk ended up looking like.

And on top of that my room is such a mess along with my car so my goal today is to just completely clean up everything cause I'm getting tired.

My messy messy room. Don't judge.

And so after all that it should be time to sleep if not I'll start working on some of the things I'd said I'd do this weekend.

PS all those clothes on the floor are clean I just couldn't decide what to wear most days.

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