Saturday, September 29, 2012

diy Camera Strap

I have two camera straps that are both not the softest things in the world and since I'm close to going to Universal Studios I decided it was time to make a better one. I played with lots of ideas. Making a small pillow and attaching it. Making one from scratch with cushion. But my friend, Maddie, had the best idea by far. Turn a tie into a camera strap and in the process destroy one of my other ones. So here is how I did it.


  • Tie
  • Old camera strap
  • Sewing Machine


Cut out the pieces of the old strap (the two hooks and the belt loop)


First put the small end of the tie into one of the hooks and sew it together.

I wrapped it around twice so that it wouldn't wiggle around and it ended up looking really cute and like it was a tied tie.

And how I sewed it together.


Now place the big part of the tie through the belt loop and through the other hook.


Now with the big pointy end of the tie push it through the center ring of the belt loop so it looks like this. And sew it.


Go take lots of pictures comfortably!!

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