Saturday, September 8, 2012

diy Wrap Skirt

Today I am making my sixth Wrap Skirt which can also become a dress and a wrap. It is very simple and can be done by beginning seamstresses.


  • (2) 2.5 yd of fabric (Polyesters are always good but really any fabric that isn't very stiff will work)
  • Serger (or Sewing Machine)
  • Scissors
  • Measuring Tape
  • Chalk

Note: If you do not have a serger then where I say serge simply fold fabric inward just a fourth of an inch or so and sew hem instead.


Lay our your fabric for the shorter layer and from one edge measure in 37 inches. Make a mark with your chalk (this is the center point). From the center point measure out 37 inches in a circle till it makes half a circle. Then from the center point measure 12 inches and make another half circle. It should look something like this.


Next lay out the fabric for the longer layer of the skirt and once again measure out 37 inches and make center point. From the center point measure out 37 inches for where the green line is (see picture below). But for the rest of the purple line measure out 47 inches. And again from the center point measure twelve inches to make the red circle.


Now serge the green and purple lines (see picture above) for both layers. Then put them together like they will be when the skirt is finished. Like this.

Mine is all bunched up but it's supposed to be longer than the black on all sides. Now where the red line is serge those two together.


Now cut a 2.5 yd x 3 in strip from one of the fabrics and line it up with the red line (this will be the tie so make sure it is hanging a bit out on either side) and serge it together.

Now you are done and your skirt should look something like this. It can be worn as a dress or a wrap just play around with it. Enjoy.

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