Saturday, September 8, 2012

Some things to know about me

Something that you should know is I'm a huge believer in lists and scheduals but I also love just relaxing and going with the flow and being creative. I know what you are thinking um Giselle... those things don't go together. Well in my world they kinda do. =D

I have eczema. So if you see any photos of me with hives or red marks on my arms don't worry I don't do drugs I just can't stop itching. =/

The type of music I like is anything depending on my mood. But above all I do love local music and pretty not majorly known things. I listen to the spy ( for a lot of my music listening.

I have a pinterest page you are welcome to follow or look at for ideas ( But I do pin a lot lucky for you it is all nicely organized. =D

I love making my own clothes and editing clothes and this weekend I plan to show you three ways of making old t-shirts cute and wearable again. And in the next few weeks I'm going to make a very cool shirt out of just a couple yards of spare fabric =D

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