Tuesday, September 11, 2012


So on Monday in my Health class we had to take this quiz that told us how stressed we are. If you got over 300 points then you were in serious risk of developing a health problem because you are so stressed. Well guess what... I got 309. I stress a lot over everything. Life, school, the future. Really I feel like I'm always scared of the next day cause I don't know what will happen. I started this blog to cut down on stress. It lets me write my feelings, makes me do some art, and gets me excited about something which are all ways to relieve stress. But I don't really know if anyone reads this and I don't know why that matters to me but for some reason it does so I started getting sad that all the hard work I do to put together diy tutorials or the photo tutorials or my recipe plans (side note: I have a month worth of blogs planned out for the weekly planned things, yeah I'm Type A) goes for nothing cause it won't benefit anyone and I can just as easily do all this on my own. But I guess I really can't. Cause I have this small little voice saying you can't fail at this. You need this. I'm not sure if I really need this but it is nice.

Well that's my rant for the day. Please if you like what you see follow or comment or something. I'm feeling pretty lonely on this huge internet.

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