Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Ah the lovely rain

It's raining here in Edmond, OK so I took the time to go out and try and get some long exposure shots. They came out pretty well. Today has been a good day. I had Health class where I now have to figure out how well I eat (I can already tell you it isn't well, hopefully I'll be more conscious now though since I'm using the then Discrete Structures where we just went over the test we took Monday. And finally got to spend some relaxing picture taking time with my man. It was much needed after how busy this week has been. Then I went to my other class Programming II and when I got back to my car I found a note (below) and he gave me some flowers a little later. I'm so lucky and happy. I hope I sleep well tonight. How was your day? Good night.

YouTube video of the rain and thunder:

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